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Grade: ADCA:2nd Grade Round: 1 13 Oct 18
Hillgrove   drew   City
Grade: ADCA:2nd Grade Round: 2 20 Oct 18
Hillgrove   def   Guyra
Grade: ADCA:3rd Grade Round: 1 13 Oct 18
Hillgrove   drew   Ex Services
Grade: ADCA:Under 16 Round: 1 19 Oct 18
Exservices/CSC/City   def by   Hillgrove
Grade: ADCA:Under 14 Round: 1 20 Oct 18
Hillgrove Brumbies   def   Hillgrove Colts
Grade: ADCA:Under 12 Round: 1 20 Oct 18
Guyra   def by   Hillgrove

Best Performances

1 Judah Flint50Under 141